Limited to 142 spoons

Barrel from Winery Winkler-Hermaden
for TheCookingSpoon OLIVIN 2012

OLIVIN is a volcanic semi-precious stone typical for the terrain around Kapfenstein (Eastern Styria). This is where the vines and oaks for the barrels of OLIVIN grow. Winery Winkler-Hermaden is a family business in the third generation. The 100 acres of vineyards focus on white grapes Sauvignon blanc, Traminer and the Burgundy varieties; while Blauer Zweigelt and Merlot dominate the reds.

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Winkler-Hermaden, Österreich

Green crystal in the volcanic rock unites vine and oak in the wine
Georg Winkler-Hermaden

The wine

STK® stands for Styria’s Terroir and (K)Classic Wineries, the quality seal for explicitly Styrian wines from Winery Winkler-Hermaden and nine further Styrian vintners. Read more at www.stk-wein.at.

Winkler-Hermaden, Österreich

Kapfenstein 105
A-8353 Kapfenstein
T +43 3157 2322
@ weingut@winkler-hermaden.at

The Winery: Winkler-Hermaden, Österreich

Winery Winkler-Hermaden in Kapfenstein/Styria is managed by the eponymous family in third generation. On 100 acres of vineyards, their white wines are mainly Sauvignon blanc, Traminer and Pinots, while the red wines are dominated by Blauer Zweigelt and Merlot. Since 2009 the entire acreage has been organically cultivated. With this sustainable cultivation, we want to try and increase bio-diversity in the vineyards and improve wine quality.

The soil it grows on strongly influences the wine. Increased bio-diversity with more different micro-organisms, plants and insects lets the vines cope better with stress factors such as pests or drought.

We harvest by hand, meaning we need many hands. Our employees are either directly from Kapfenstein or from Slovenia, only 10 km away. Most of them have been with us for many years and are a seasoned team. High complexity, distinctive olfactive components, an elegant body as well as aging potential are the main goals in our wine-making.

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