Anna-Christina 2015

Limited to 80 spoons

Barrel from winery Franz und Christine Netzl 
forTheCookingSpoon ANNA-CHRISTINA 2015

Franz and Christina Netzl vinify characteristic, multifarious and profound wine together. Those grapes grow in the heart of Carnuntum in Göttlesbrunn. Right in between the nippy winds of the Danube and the warm pannonian lowlands. On gravelled, calcareous grounds they create complex, juicy and structured red wine (75%) and also fruity-fresh white wine from the selected grapes.

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Franz & Christine Netzl, Österreich

The wine

Cuvée Anna-Christina is our personal favorite produced from only the best grapes in our wineyard.

She ages for 20 months in oak wood barrels and combines the fresh spice of the Zweigelt (55%), the velvety density of the Merlot (30%) and the pithy fruit of the Cabernet Sauvignon (15%)

"Intense ruby-garnet with black reflexes, a dark berry and white pepper up in the nose, on the palate fine sweetness, interesting spices, elegant tannin, charme and length."

Franz & Christine Netzl, Österreich

rosenbergstraße 17
2464 göttlesbrunn
T +43 (0) 2162 8236

The Winery: Franz & Christine Netzl, Österreich

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