Das Phantom 2015

limited to 45 spoons

Barrel from Winery K+K Kirnbauer 
for TheCookingSpoon DAS PHANTOM 2015

The family winery K+K Kirnbauer cultivates 40 acres of vineyards in the best locations of Deutschkreutz, right on the Hungarian border. The heavy, loamy soil offers the ideal habitat for their main varieties Blaufränkisch as well as Merlot and Cabernet, guaranteeing wines of highest quality. Together with the almost finicky selection of the grapes, full-bodied, mellow and durable wines – like “Das Phantom”

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K+K Kirnbauer, Österreich

The less you move the wine, the more it will reward you
Markus Kirnbauer

The wine

A kingdom for a grape.

Our wines represent long-lasting finest pleasure and Pannonian – the old Roman name for our province – joie-de-vivre.

K+K Kirnbauer, Österreich

Rotweinweg 1
A-7301 Deutschkreutz
T 02613/89722
@ kirnbauer@phantom.at

The Winery: K+K Kirnbauer, Österreich

You will get powerful, yet supple wines by just a few operating steps from the grape to the wine. Temperature-controlled fermentation and state-of-the-art technology are the key elements to obtaining dense and succulent wines. Fruity whites are aged in stainless steel tanks for several months; substantial reds are subjected to malolactic fermentation in large oak barrels and kept in those barrels for another year.

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