Zieregg Morillon

Limited to 80 spoons

Barrel from Winery Tement for TheCookingSpoon
ZIEREGG Morillon (Chardonnay) Grand STK® site 
Vintages 2006/2007/2008/2011/2012/2013

Numerous, laborious harvest rounds guarantee a high physiological level of ripeness which brings out the distinct Terroir touch together with long aging in large, neutral wooden barrels. After several years of bottle aging, the site wines from the Tement winery show grandeur and complexity and stand at the top of the quality pyramid.

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Tement, Österreich

It is almost impossible to prevent grape juice from turning into wine. The special art though is to understand nature and its peculiarities, to interpret how it influences soil and vines to carve out the characteristics of each provenance. Capturing that
Armin Tement

The wine

Winery Tement is a founding member of STK® - Styria’s Terroir and (K)Classic Wineries, the quality seal for explicitly Styrian wines, that meet selective criteria for their work in the vineyards and cellars. For wines with highest quality claims.

Tement, Österreich

Zieregg 13
A-8461 Berghausen
T +43 (0) 3453/4101- 0
@ weingut@tement.at

The Winery: Tement, Österreich

The family winery Tement from southern Styria can look back on an incredible success story over the past three and a half decades. Their wines are of exceptional elegance and delicacy, paired with structure, complexity and sheer endless aging potential.

The winery enjoys highest acclaim in Austria and internationally. The third generation with Armin and Stefan Tement has by now fully integrated into the winery. The brothers are bent on continuing the winery with a strong focus on quality and tradition. 

Selective cultivation of the vineyards, reduced yields and sustainable handiwork remain the foundations of their business – and the prerequisite for elegant wines true to their terroir. The Tement family’s winery cultivates around 200 acres of vineyards; with special site vintages accounting for the most precious wines. Fully ripened, late harvest grapes from the best sites undergo slow and spontaneous natural fermentation and mature mainly in large, neutral wooden barrels until bottling. The site wines are expressive, complex of great elegance, show a balanced “wine-y-ness” and puristic mineral tone. 

During the past years, the Tement family was able to expand the vineyards at their top site Zieregg into neighboring Slovenia. The micro-climactic conditions of the “Ciringa” (Slovenian for Zieregg) site combined with shell limestone soil and loose brown earth are perfect for storable, authentic but also elegant and mineral wines.
Bottom line: The Tement name stands for perfect Styrian wines in every category – from light and drinkable at a young age to deeply structured, with a powerful body and extremely storable.

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